Presenting The Pandemic Effect Study

March 18th, 2021

Join us as our research and evaluation experts take a deep dive into the impacts of COVID-19 on women-owned businesses in digital media in Ontario. Moderated by Fifth Wave Managing Director, Nataly De Monte, and presented by Fifth Wave mentor and research expert, Suzanne Stein from OCAD U, together with Fifth Wave research partner expert, Julie Whelan from Nordicity, we will unveil key data points, insights, and survival strategies from the lived experiences of this community.

After months of research and data gathering, we’ll explore the results outlined in our final Pandemic Effect Study report, bringing resilience and core coping strategies into focus, including:

1. Focusing on local
2. Shifting towards a people-centered economy
3. Creating expansive systems of partnership
4. Design models to maximize work flexibility
5. Value emotional labour as a business asset